Smart Social Inclusion


This working group focuses on: 1. better spending for better social outcomes: exploring smarter investments and innovative solutions to respond to reduced public spending and higher demand for social services; 2. cities' role in promoting social entrepreneurship and social economy.

In 2017, the working group will focus on:
  • innovative ways to finance social inclusion, including gaining more knowledge on Social Impact Bonds, crowdfunding;

  • gathering good practices on cities promoting social entrepreneurship and supporting the development of the social economy;

  • exploring ways to promote social inclusion and employment through social innovation;
  • exploring ways to foster the development of local eco-systems engaging stakeholders from the social economy.


Kris Luijsterburg
Adviser International Affairs & European funding

vice chair

Claudia Sousa Costa

EUROCITIES staff contact

Gabriel Jacqmin
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Projects & policy support officer