Roma inclusion working group


This working group (WG) is committed to fight discrimination and exploitation, and foster the inclusion of Europe's biggest minority – Roma community. The cities part of the WG are exchanging good practices and sharing experiences regarding the integration policies at local level. The focus of the group is to actively involve and raise awareness on the important role of cities in the EU framework and national Roma inclusion strategies.

In 2019, the working group will focus on the following:
1. Mutual learning & policy transfers between cities to:
  - improve Roma access to housing and support transition from settlements to decent housing
  - foster Roma participation at local level
  - develop integrated local Roma inclusion plans
2. Policy & advocacy:
  - advocate a stronger urban dimension in the post-2020 EU Roma Framework based on the EUROCITIES position paper  
3.  Capacity building through critical friend review and policy transfer study visits, we aim to produce concrete results:
  - define guidelines on how to support transition of Roma from informal camps into adequate housing
  - develop a toolkit on how to draw up an integrated local plan for Roma inclusion 
4. Build capacity to apply for EU funding:
  - webinar and/or workshop to learn from good practices and build capacity of members to apply for EU funding for Roma inclusion projects, through ESF, Erasmus+, Norway grants, etc.
5. Contribute to priorities of SAF strategy 2019-2020 and work in closer collaboration with other WGs in SAF in particular WG Homelessness and WG Education. 
In 2019, the WG will meet in:
1. Toulouse, 9-10 April, on ‘How can cities support Roma to move from camps into adequate housing?’ This will be a policy transfer inviting cities to learn, transfer and possibly replicate innovative approaches to enable Roma to access adequate housing. We will also invite members of WG Homelessness to join the study visit.
2. Braga, September, on topic 'How to develop an effective city plan for Roma inclusion?' This will be a critical friend review of the Roma inclusion project in Braga. 

EUROCITIES staff contact

Bianca Faragau-Tavares
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Senior policy advisor