Migration and integration


This working group (WG) is focused on guiding the cities to embrace the diversity of their population and ensure equal opportunities for their population. The aim of the WG is to use a bottom-up approach to ensure that local experiences play an important role in drafting the EU migration and integration policies. It works as an environment for mutual learning on integration governance, by using mentoring activities and sharing experiences and good practice between cities. The working group is guided by the Integrating Cities Charter, which provides the framework for the WG’s activity.

In 2019, the objectives set by the WG are the following:
  • Socio-economic integration of young migrants
  • Counselling and outreaching strategies for sustainable and dignified voluntary return of irregular migrants
  • Continuation of work on irregular migrants
  • Community building at local level for integration including through volunteering
  • Work on policy inputs for the new Commission on integration from local level
  • Working on a counter narrative on contribution of refugees an migrants.
  • Foster the link with other levels of government.
  • Intra-EU mobility of EU citizens with focus on the European elections
  • Work on transatlantic cooperation: continuation of dialogue with the city of N.Y and implementation of the Global Compact at local level
  • Project work: start of VALUES project + winning bid for next AMIF project + Contribution to the RESOMA project (H2020)
  • Implementation of the EASI working plan, if operational grant 2019 is won.

The activities for 2019 are:

  • Policy guidelines on strategy for integration of young migrants;
  • Policy statement on cities' vision for the future of integration for the new Commission;
  • Contribution to the 5th EU Migration Forum, 3-4 April 2019;
  • Contribution to the 2nd edition of the EU Urban Academy on Integration;
  • Participation to relevant events during the European elections campaign;
  • Participation of WG Members to Capacity Building events in the case the EASI grant is awarded to EUROCITIES;
  • Continuing work on the ReSOMA project;
  • Implementation of the VALUES project;
  • Participation in the ERRIN project on voluntary return - upon approval by ERRIN;
  • Contribution to the Urban Partnership on Inclusion of Migrants and Refugees.
The WG will meet in 2019:

1. Toulouse, 9-10 April on socio-economic integration of young migrants

2. Antwerp, 13-14 June on integration of young migrants through housing (site visits to the Urban Innovative Action project CURANT)


Niels Tubbing
Senior Policy Advisor Civic Integration of Migrants and Refugees

vice chair

Sandra Lundberg
Policy officer

EUROCITIES staff contact

Katharina Bamberg
EUROCITIES Brussels office
policy advisor migration