This working group focuses on the role of social and affordable housing in fostering social cohesion in cities.

The working group works on the following issues:
·         housing affordability
·         social housing and housing for vulnerable groups
·         mixed-use urban developments
·         housing and social cohesion
·         urban regeneration and rehabilitation of existing housing stock
·         transfer of knowledge and know-how
In 2017 the working group housing will discuss various aspects of housing governance
·         the roles of private sector and private, non-for-profit or limited profit housing associations in provision of affordable housing
·         recent changes in housing policies across the EU member states
·         effectiveness of market control measures such as rent ceilings
Other issues addressed include: strategies to mobilise empty housing stock, financial instruments for renovation and maintenance and various types of tenure.


Susanne Bauer
Senior policy advisor

vice chair

Javier Buron
Director of Housing Department