• knowledge society

Through this working group, members exchange experiences and compare examples of city initiatives in the field of open data across the EU; build business cases; and collect evidence on the advantages of municipal open data


Public service information is the single largest source of information in Europe. Public authorities produce large amounts of official data that can provide a basis for new, innovative services and applications. This data has an estimated market value of about €40 billion.

Governments and cities are increasingly recognising the benefits of making their data open and reuseable. These data sets will contribute to more transparency, more democracy and to the idea of a knowledge society.

Several of our members have already launched their open data portals.


  • building a Europe-wide platform for exchanging open data experiences and encouraging other cities to make their data publicly available

  • exploring city activities and promoting mutual learning

  • harmonising data sets and standards: defining and strengthening the role of local authorities

  • cooperating with EU projects and the net community

  • maximising the benefits of open data for citizens, not just the potential market value



A smarter use of data is an opportunity for pubic administrations to solve the riddle of better and cheaper services. Issues concerning data are many and different, itis necessary to look into them with an holistic approach. 

Challenges that cities are facing are about: inventory, collection, management, use, openness, ownership, privacy and security of data. Cities face problems that are common, the soutions should be likewise. 

Focus and suggested activities for the Data WG for 2016 and beyond

  • Data Protection (KSF activities for members only)
  • Data Portability 
  • Community Engagement 
  • Towards a data catalogue of good practices? 
  • Support by GDC and SHARING projects 


Bart Rosseau
Responsible for the communication strategy of the city of Ghent

EUROCITIES staff contact

Federica Bordelot
EUROCITIES Brussels Office
Policy advisor