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Each forum is able to set up a certain number of working groups focusing on specific policy issues. Each working group has a specific remit and tasks, for example preparing a position paper on a particular topic, or managing activities such as a European project or campaign.

Each working group consists of individuals, nominated by member cities, who are considered as having relevant knowledge and expertise. Each working group is chaired by a member city, which is also responsible for reporting back to the relevant forum on the results achieved.

  •  mobility

Smart and connected mobility

This working group works on the various energy implications associated with the transport sector from an economic, environmental and social perspective

Smart Social Inclusion

This working group (WG) focuses on efficient budget spending for better and innovative social outcomes, and on cities' role in promoting social entrepreneurship and social economy. The members of the group...

  •  knowledge society

Standards and Interoperability

Within this working group, members seek to improve the interoperability of city systems and to develop common standards in several domains in order to maximise the release, accessibility and usability of...

  •  mobility

Sustainable mobility planning

This working group aims at sharing best practice and developing positions linked to EU policy, for example the white paper on transport and the urban mobility action plan

  •  mobility

TransEuropean transport networks

This working group follows up on the TEN-T (Trans-European transport networks) guidelines, including TEN-T project financing through the Connecting Europe Facility, the greening of transnational corridors...

Urban Ageing

This working group (WG) is dedicated to raise awareness and improve strategies for age-friendly environments in cities. By focusing on sharing good practices on active and healthy ageing, the cities work on...

  •  cooperation

Urban Agenda for the EU

One of the key outputs of the Dutch EU presidency is the Pact of Amsterdam, establishing the EU Urban Agenda. The Pact will comprise the rationale, objectives, operational framework and themes of an EU Urban...

  •  mobility

Urban freight and fleet management

This WG will focus on sustainable transport and logistics and its connection with energy efficient fleet management. Focus will be on best practice exchanges.

  •  environment


This working group provides city input to the EU circular economy package and helps members in the implementation of circular economy practices. It also offers a platform for best practice exchange on...