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publication date : 05-05-2017

  •  cooperation
  •  economy


publication date : 05-04-2017

EUROCITIES statement on the future of cohesion policy

As the reflections and debates on the next EU budget are taking off, EUROCITIES published a policy statement as an initial position on the main principles of the future cohesion policy framework.


publication date : 09-03-2017

  •  mobility


publication date : 02-03-2017

EUROCITIES statement on the European Pillar of Social Rights

This statement from EUROCITIES emphasises the contribution that cities can bring to the European Pillar of Social Rights. It also highlights that EUROCITIES is willing to engage with the European Commission on the development and implementation of the pillar by sharing cities’ expertise, knowledge and capacity to bring real policy change at the local level.


publication date : 09-02-2017

Cities' actions for the education of refugees and asylum seekers

Our new report looks at how cities are using education as a means to integrate refugees and asylum seekers.


publication date : 16-01-2017

City responses on preventing radicalisation and violent extremism: social inclusion as a tool?

Our report is based on response from 28 cities around Europe and looks at approaches and strategies for addressing radicalisation and violent extremism.


publication date : 26-10-2016

  •  culture

Guidelines for cities on the role of culture in the integration of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers

New guidelines prepared by our Access to culture working group highlight the possibilities offered by cultural policies for the integration of newcomers and all residents of a migrant background, irrespective of their formal status. They also provide recommendations to cities on developing a long-term strategy on culture for the integration of migrants.


publication date : 27-09-2016

  •  culture

EUROCITIES contribution UNCTAD creative economy report 2016

EUROCITIES was asked by UNCTAD (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development) to contribute to its forthcoming report on the creative economy. Our article mixes policy trends identifies with culture forum members and practical initiatives identifies through our Culture for Cities and Regions project.


publication date : 05-08-2016