SMARTiP - Smart Metropolitan Areas Realised Through Innovation and People

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The SMARTiP project aims to use open innovation initiatives to help 'smart citizens' co-produce innovative Internet-enabled public services within emerging ‘smart’ cities.

The aim of this project, led by Manchester City Council, is to enable the adoption of open platforms for the co-production of citizen-centric Internet-enabled services in five test-bed sites: Manchester, Ghent, Cologne, Bologna and Oulu. The objective is to enhance the ability of the cities to grow and sustain a ‘smart city’ ecosystem which can support new opportunities emerging for a dynamic co-production process resulting in more inclusive, higher quality and efficient public services which can then be made replicable and scalable for cross-border deployment on a larger scale.

This will focus on a series of pilot projects, as outlined ‘Technical Pilots’, covering three thematic areas:
  • Smart engagement
  • Smart environments
  • Smart mobility
EUROCITIES is in charge, in close collaboration with the Manchester City Council, of the collection and dissemination of city profiles and examples of smart cities' projects.
Other partners:

Manchester City Council - City of Cologne - City of Bologna - City of Ghent - Regione Emilia Romagna - Engineering - IBBT - Digipolis - Alcatel Lucent - University of Oulu - Peoples Voice Media - University of Manchester - European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL)