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EUROCITIES, in collaboration with the city of Milan and academic expert Roberta Sonnino from Cardiff University, has won an EU-funded project on the topic of 'Food in cities – innovation for a sustainable and healthy production, delivery and consumption of food in cities'.

This eight-month project consisted of two tasks: 
  • mapping innovative urban strategies designed to promote the production, delivery and consumption of sustainable and healthy food (between December 2017-March 2017);
  • compiling five in-depth case studies from cities that have benefitted from EU projects supporting innovative solutions for sustainable and healthy production, delivery or consumption of food in cities (March-July 2017).
These activities gathered concrete evidence into the work of cities on urban food strategies, which we use for the influencing activities of the EUROCITIES working group food towards the EU, and provide additional knowledge on best practice in cities.

Access to the full study here!

EUROCITIES staff contact

Anja Katalin De Cunto
EUROCITIES Brussels office
Funding and financing coordinator