DIVE - Diversity and Equality in European Cities

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The Diversity and Equality in European cities (DIVE) project focused on the promotion of diversity and equality in municipalities within the context of local integration strategies, examining how cities can effectively implement these policies for diversity management and equal opportunities.


Peer Reviews in the four major European cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Leeds and Rome were at the core of the project. These Peer Reviews evaluated how city governments promote and manage diversity and equality in their roles as buyers of goods and services, as employers, as policy-makers and providers of services. The assessment was be based on a set of benchmarks on the promotion of diversity and equality management and interviews and empirical research carried out by senior city officials. Experiences were compiled in a final DIVE Report which was shared with actors across Europe.

DIVE also provided the opportunity to continue the policy dialogue established between EUROCITIES and DG Justice, Freedom and Security, on how the European and local levels can best cooperate on the implementation of the Common Basic Principles that underpin the European Framework for Integration.

DIVE partners hosted two editions of the INTEGRATING CITIES Conferences series, bringing together participants from local, national and European levels. INTEGRATING CITIES III took place in Berlin on April 2, 2009 and focused on the role of diversity management and equal opportunities in local integration policy.

During 2009, the DIVE project partners in cooperation with the EUROCITIES Working Group Migration & Integration will developed a Cities Charter on the role of local government in the integration of immigrants. The Cities Charter as well as the Peer Review experiences were presented at the INTEGRATING CITIES IV conference hosted by London in 2010.

The DIVE project was co-financed by the European Commission, DG Justice, Freedom and Security through the European Integration Fund.


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Leeds, Migration Policy Group (MPG), Ethics etc…