iCapital Award finalists have been announced and will take part in EUROCITIES Economic Development Forum in Munich.

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During our EDF on 17 October, EUROCITIES will host a workshop where the finalists and winner of this year's iCapital awards will present their initiatives. In this session, members and other stakeholders will have the chance to meet and engage with their initiatives in an interactive session providing the opportunity to exchange knowledge about the awarded innovative solutions and how to replicate and connect to innovation ecosystems in other cities. Don`t forget to register!

The iCapital Award, which is an annual €1 million cash prize competition awarded to the European city that is best able to demonstrate its ability to harness innovation to improve the lives of its citizens, specifically contributing to open and dynamic innovation ecosystems, involving citizens in governance and decision-making and using innovation to improve the resiliency and sustainability of their cities has announced its 2019 finalists.
Award criteria is based on the following features:
  • Experimenting innovative concepts, processes, tools, and governance models as a test-bed for innovation;
  • Engaging citizens in the innovation process and ensuring the uptake of their ideas;
  • Expanding the city's attractiveness to become a role model for other cities;
  • Empowering citizens by bringing concrete and measurable added value through the implementation of innovative practices.
In this year’s edition, the 6 winning cities, have been announced. The cities are: Antwerp (BE), Bristol (UK), Espoo (FI), Glasgow (UK), Nantes (FR) and Rotterdam (NL).
Commissioner Moedas will reveal the European Capital of Innovation 2019 during the 'EU Research and Innovation days' event in Brussels.