Workshop 'The road to Urban Bio-economy: Barriers and Solutions to Closing the Loops of Bio-Resources', 28 May 2018, Brussels: all material available

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On 28 May, EUROCITIES, together with the City of Oslo, the European Compost Network, Municipal Waste Europe and the Urban Agenda for the EU jointly organised a workshop in Brussels, at Norway House on the topic: 'The road to Urban Bio-economy: Barriers and Solutions to Closing the Loops of Bio-Resources'.

Representatives of the European Commission gave an overview of the current legal framework regulating the collection treatment and use of urban bio-resources. Stressing the fact that the EU agreed that by 2023 all EU member states must implement separate collection of food waste.

Amongst several presentations participants got insights into projects from two EUROCITIES member cities. They first got a presentation on the door-to-door food waste collection system for commercials in the neighbourhood of Ribeira in the City of Porto. Dr. Espen Govasmark then explained how the city of Oslo manages to have digestate used by local farmers by creating a win-win situation in which the farmers buy the bio fertilizer but at the same time get paid for making storage space available.

Ingunn Dale Samset from the City of Oslo also presented the current work on the Urban Agenda for the EU, which focuses on improvements needed in the regulation, funding and knowledge sharing regarding bio-resources.

During the final roundtable session participants highlighted the main barriers and obstacles they face in promoting bio-resource along the entire value chain. They identified possible economic instruments that could foster the development of bio-resources as well as the governance levels and stakeholders which should join action. Participants expressed the need of recognition of waste as resource and also stressed the advantages a European internal market for bio-waste products could have. All levels of governance were invited to be more engaged to close the loops of bio-resources.

Please find links to the agenda, presentations and minutes below. Pictures of the day can be seen here

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