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WG food discusses innovation in urban food production

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Our working group on food, bringing together city officials and researchers from across Europe, met in Birmingham on 8-10 February to discuss innovation in urban food production and distribution.

Topics on the agenda included fostering innovation in urban food strategies and incorporating new governance, digital solutions, and innovative public procurement mechanisms. The meeting was part of our Food in Cities project.
Participants also discussed the objectives and lobbying priorities for 2017. They agreed to make concerted effort to prioritise urban food research in the upcoming Horizon funding programme, and for the group to get involved in other relevant policy areas at EU level, such as the FOOD 2030 initiative and the revision of the Common Agricultural Policy. The group also wants to enhance collaboration with other EUROCITIES working groups and initiatives, like the newly launched circular economy task force. Moreover, the WG members said that, in addition to scheduled meetings, they would also like to attend regular webinars to facilitate knowledge transfer and information flow. 
Members were also invited to an event hosted by the University of Birmingham on tackling obesity. They attended a presentation at City Kitchen, an initiative that feeds over 70,000 children. 

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Anja Katalin De Cunto