Video on Lille’s approach to combating long-term unemployment through social economy

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Looking for inspiration about how your city can combat long-term unemployment? Check out our latest video from Lille Metropole innovative approach on how to create opportunities for the long-term unemployed and to respond to the local needs that are not satisfied by the existing local market.
Lille Metropole’s Job Factory (‘La Fabrique de l’emploi’) is a great source of inspiration. The job orientated company has already created 120 new jobs in 2 districts with a high long-term unemployment rate, by redirecting the current expenditures from the costs of assisting the long-term unemployed. The innovative approach better addresses the LTU challenge by working ‘with the inhabitants for the inhabitants’. 

The video is the result of EUROCITIES working groups employment, smart social inclusion, and entrepreneurship & SMEs policy transfer in Lille Metropole on 27-29 May, to learn and exchange views on Lille Metropole’s strategic approach to combat long-term unemployment through social economy. The city shared its practices with 39 participants from 15 cities (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Braga, Bristol, Brussels, Ghent, Lille Metropole, Milan, Nantes, Rotterdam, Stockholm, Strasbourg, Grenoble, Varna and Cluj-Napoca). The discussions were focused on the key challenges, success factor and lesson learnt in developing practices for combating long-term unemployment through social economy at local level. Find more about the meeting here: 

The meeting was organised under European Commission’s programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI). EUROCITIES supported the exchanges of experiences among cities interested in delivering on European Pillar of Social Rights, principle 3 (equal opportunities), 4 (active support to employment) and 5 (secure and adaptable employment).