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Urban partnership on public procurement – give feedback!

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The draft action plan of the urban partnership on public procurement is now open for public feedback. It is an opportunity to comment on each of the 7 actions planned by the partnership.

Members of the partnership proposed the following 7 actions:
1.         Guidance on building city strategic procurement and how to manage strategic procurement (Action 2.1.1)
2.         Measuring spend and wider impact in European Cities (Action 2.1.2)
3.         Recommendation(s) for future EU funding for joint cross-border procurement, procurement of innovation, strategic procurement in particular social procurement and circular procurement (Action 2.1.3)
4.         Innovation procurement broker (Action 2.2.1)
5.         Legal handbook innovative public procurement (Action 2.3.1)
6.         Develop a flexible and customisable concept for Local Competence Centres for innovative and sustainable procurement (Action 2.3.2)
7.         Competence building in circular procurement (Action 2.3.3)
The partnership also produced a public feedback summary describing all 7 actions. It is available in 6 European languages: English, German, French, Dutch, Italian and Bulgarian.
You can find the feedback summary, which contains the links to the forms to comment on each action here:
The results of this consultation will be taken into consideration by members of the partnership for the preparation of the final version of their action plan, which will be presented to the Directors General meeting on urban matters. 
Background information: the partnership is coordinated by the city of Haarlem. Members are our own member cities: Munich, Nantes, Preston, Turin, Vantaa, and non-member Gabrovo and Larvik, and Italy, as a member state representative. Observers and associations are CEMR, EUROCITIES, Urban Innovative Actions (UIA) and URBACT. Stakeholders are CEEP and ICLEI. The European Commission is represented by three Directorates-General: DG Regio, DG Grow and DG CNECT.
We are looking forward to receiving your feedback by 23 July!