Urban ageing in Leeds: a city for all generations


On 26-27 January, the city of Leeds hosted the EUROCITIES working group urban ageing, demonstrating how city authorities can improve elderly people’s quality of life and design a city for all generations.

The meeting saw representatives from 13 European cities (Amsterdam, Edinburgh, Frankfurt, Leeds, Madrid, Manchester, Nantes, Oslo, Ostend, Rotterdam, Sheffield, Utrecht, Vienna) discover the ways Leeds is making the city an enjoyable place to grow old.
Leeds presented its smart city agenda and how it could benefit policies on health, well-being and care integration. To better understand this strategy, participants visited the city’s Open Data Institute where they exchanged with several of the groups involved and took a closer look at the digital solutions being developed.
The city also presented some of its culture projects targeted at the ageing population. The projects want to engage elderly residents as audience members, participants and even artists, ensuring everyone can benefit from the city’s cultural programme. This is done thanks to funding for art and cultural activities directly delivered through the city services, such as museums, galleries, and libraries.
Finally, representatives from Leeds City Council explained what the city is doing to tackle loneliness and isolation. Through several engagement activities and programmes the city aims to create links between different communities and organise events to foster social interaction.
More information about what was said at the meeting can be found in the presentations available for download on this page. Presentations are clustered by theme (smart city, culture, loneliness).
The next meeting of the WG will take place on 18 -19 May in Brussels. On 18 May members of the WG are kindly invited to attend the Urban Health Centres Europe project meeting. The business meeting will take place the day after. More information about the meeting in May and the minutes of the January meeting will be shared on this page in the coming weeks. 

EUROCITIES staff contact

Gabriel Jacqmin