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Toronto to adopt Integrating Cities Charter


Toronto is to become first non-European city to adopt our charter on migrant integration

The Canadian city of Toronto will adopt our Integrating Cities Charter on migrant integration in the coming months, fitting it to its local context.

Representatives from Toronto were at our recent Integrating Cities conference in Tampere and attracted some attention, as the process has up until now been a mainly a European initiative. 

Chris Billinger, executive director of social development, finance and administration at Toronto City Council, and Lydia Fitchko, director for social policy, analysis and research, presented the Toronto approach to integration during a workshop on ‘Global meets local – the international drive for local standards on migration integration’. They also hosted a speednetworking session, allowing them to engage with EUROCITIES member cities and exchange good practice on migrant integration. 

Following the conference, Toronto confirmed that it will adapt and adopt the Integrating Cities Charter, and explained its reasons in an interview published on the Cities of Migration website. 

The EUROCITIES migration and integration working group will maintain the dialogue with Toronto and provide advice on how to implement the charter.