The EU is calling Airbnb to align with EU consumer rules

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On 16 July the European Commission and EU consumer authorities told Airbnb to make transparent their presentation of prices and to bring its terms and conditions into line with European rules.

Through that initiative the EC wants to push Airbnb: to modify the way it presents information on pricing, ensuring that the consumers are provided with the total price, to identify the status of the host (private or professional) and to clarify and remove the terms that are not into conformity with European consumer law.

The rental platform has until the end of August to provide solutions to the problems underlined by the European institution. These solutions will be analysed by the European Commission and EU consumer authorities and, in case they do not comply with EU rules, the proponents of the initiative could take enforcement measures.

You can find more information in the EC’s website.

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Aleksandra Olejnik