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Taskforce addresses Roma empowerment


The last meeting of the EUROCITIES Roma taskforce addressed the issue of Roma empowerment

Members of our taskforce on Roma inclusion, together with European Commission representatives and invited experts, met on 13-14 in Budapest. Representatives from local authorities exchanged tools and methods for promoting Roma empowerment and involvement in the development and implementation of local Roma inclusion.
A visit to Budapest's Magdolna quarter, a successful area-based urban regeneration project currently in its third phase of implementation, reminded participants of the importance of investing in bridging the gap between majority and minority populations and promoting interaction and cohesion.
The group also shared their experiences of decentralised and transnational cooperation and agreed on a set framework to develop the content of a EUROCITIES charter on Roma Inclusion. The idea of drafting a charter was an initiative of the city of Nantes and had been agreed by political consensus at the final conference of the East-West Cooperation on Cities for Roma Inclusion project in Brussels in December 2013.
Roma taskforce members will be hard at work putting content into this important and symbolic document that, once approved, will set the framework for future work on Roma inclusion.