Tackling long term unemployment at local level must be a priority

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We showcase cities' efforts in tackling long term unemployment and highlight some common trends in our response to the European Commission's public consultation on long term unemployment.

We responded to a European Commission consultation on service provision to the long term unemployed. The consultation, which closed on Friday 15 May, sought stakeholders' input on how to improve service provision for long term unemployed people, in order to reduce their period of unemployment. The outcomes of the consultation will contribute to an impact assessment and a proposal for a Council recommendation on the integration of long term unemployed people into the labour market. 

Members of our social affairs and economic development forums contributed to our response, which is available at the link below. We aim to showcase cities' efforts in addressing long term unemployment and we highlight some of the trends that emerged from the good practice examples we've collected. 

One of our main messages is that cities can design effective tailored measures and integrated services that support those most in need and furthest from the labour market. We also stress that the most effective measures designed to tackle long term unemployment are those that are rooted within communities and therefore have a comprehensive recognition of local conditions and labour markets. 

We call for greater involvement of cities and more recognition of their efforts, including through a specific commitment from European and national bodies to involve cities in the design, implementation and evaluation of measures addressing long term unemployment. We also state the need for dedicated resources to tackle long term unemployment, such as through specific earmarking in the European Social Fund targets. 

You can read our response at the link below.