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TIDE transport innovation project wins European award

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TIDE (Transport Innovation Deployment for Europe) project has been awarded the European Platform on Mobility Management's (EPOMM) best international policy transfer award.

TIDE won the award thanks to the project's impressive results and its transfer methodology.

In particular, the cities of Groningen and Donostia/San Sebastian were recognised for their work in promoting parking for cyclists. With its growing cycling culture, Donostia/San Sebastian has been facing a lack of parking infrastructure for bikes for many years, especially in older buildings. This means that residents were often forced to leave their bikes on the street, which not only impeded on space for other street users but also contributed to visual pollution. Using the TIDE transferability methodology, the city of Groningen was identified as a good practice example on cycle parking. A meeting was set up between the two cities. The transfer process began with the Local Innovation Forum, at which Donostia/San Sebastian's mobility department councillor played an active role. This was followed by a training session on bike parking, and as a result of this successful exchange of good practices, Donostia/San Sebastian now has a larger provision of bike parking for citizens. 

The winners are pictured together with the EPOMM president, Robert Thaler, at the European Conference on Mobility Management in Utrecht on 20-22 May 2015. 

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More information about the EPOMM policy transfer award is available here

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