Supporting Roma inclusion in cities


Our statement on Roma inclusion emphasises the key role city authorities play in offering a decent life to all, by providing non-discriminatory access to services such as education, health, training, employment and housing.

Roma inclusion is a concern across Europe, especially for cities. In our recent statement, we also highlight concrete initiatives that city authorities can use to individually and collaboratively address discrimination and ensure that Roma people have equal access to the programmes and services they are entitled to. 

We call on the EU institutions, member states and candidate countries to support the effective implementation of the EU framework on Roma inclusion. Local authorities should be involved in every stage of the framework's development and related policies, in the fields of housing, education, health and employment, which impact of social cohesion in our communities. 

Our statement builds on the continued work of our Roma inclusion taskforce and our social affairs forum to counter the widespread discrimination and exclusion still faced by Roma people today. We stress the urgent need for a partnership approach to resolve this issue. 

Please see our statement at the link provided. 

Photo © European Commission