Submit your project for the Energy Globe Award 2019: the largest environmental prize worldwide

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Energy Globe Award supports most outstanding sustainable initiatives from all over the world and let them set an example for others.

Participate in the largest environmental award!

Energy Globe Award annually honors outstanding, sustainable projects in the field of environment and energy. The award is presented nationally in more than 180 countries, as well as internationally in 5 categories: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth.
With applications from more than 180 countries, Energy Globe Award has become the largest environmental prize worldwide. The international category winners are awarded in a ceremony which is broadcasted all over the world, receive a total of 10,000 Euro as prize money and are in the spotlight of international media coverage.
Projects with a focus on the conservation of resources, improvement of air and water quality, energy efficiency, use of renewable energies, recycling or creating awareness for these areas can be submitted.

Have you been part of an exciting environmental project?
We would kindly like to invite you to submit your project for the Energy Globe Award 2019. All information about the award and the application process is available at The application can be submitted in English or German and is free of charge. Deadline for submission: 21st November 2018

Do you know anyone, who has implemented an environmental project?
Tell him or her about us and encourage to apply for the award.

Our small step towards a better and healthier planet is of great importance to us. Let us inspire people by showcasing the best practices!