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Spring knowledge society forum meeting in Rennes

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Our knowledge society forum will meet in Rennes on 27-29 April on the topic of 'Transitioning cities'.

The meeting will provide an opportunity to explore potential solutions to cities' quest for digital transformation. The ongoing push towards digital transformation is radical and impactful. For municipal authorities, this is an enriching but challenging exercise. They are expected to create new ecosystems by involving a multitude of new and different actors. Local authorities have their roles clearly defined for them: in their capacity as economic stakeholders, they have to create local value, unlock new sources of growth and create new jobs. 

A political roundtable debate on 'Cities' role in the digital economy: creating local value, growth and jobs' will be held on the second day of hte forum, followed by a celebratory meeting of the 2015-2016 signatories of the Green Digital Charter. 

During thematic plenary sessions, working group meetings, and visits to fablabs and research institutes, the participants will exchange views of the knowledge society forum's main priorities, such as data management, cyber security and standards. They will also learn about member cities' different digital strategies and governance models. 

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Federica Bordelot