Smart Tampere : an active autumn for the Finnish city

  • knowledge society

Active member of the Knowledge Society Forum and signatory of the Green Digital Charter since last year, Tampere's visibility as one of the most active 'smart cities' in Europe is growing.

In October 2016, Tampere signed the Green Digital charter during the joint forum meeting organised by EUROCITIES' Knowledge Society and European Mobility Forums, alongside the annual 'Mindtrek' event.

One year later, Tampere is under the spotlight: the Finnish city is running for the iCapital award 2017 for its Grow.Smarter.Together program launched during last year's edition of Mindtrek. For the 2017 edition, the event will focus on the thematic of smart mobility, digital learning, smart lighting and the 'city of things'. 

But before that, Tampere will host a 'field visit' on smart district on 21 September as part of its involvement in the EIP-SCC Action Cluster on 'Sustainable Districts and Built Environment'.


More information can be found on the Green Digital Charter website at