Smart Living Challenge

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  • knowledge society
  • mobility

New challenges require smart solutions

Apply now for the Smart Living Challenge, an international innovation competition designed to generate business opportunities and develop ideas that foster sustainable lifestyles in urban environments. These can be products, services or solutions that make it easier for citizens to lead smarter and more sustainable lives.

Entries can be submitted in three categories, eat, live and move:

  • ‘eat’ refers to innovative solutions for smart food production and reducing food wastage, such as smart packaging materials or low-resource cooking technologies

  • in the ‘live’ category, the jury is looking for ideas for smarter homes and housing, including new construction materials and technology and solutions for minimising water and energy consumption

  • under ‘move’, innovations that address the smart movement of goods and/or people within and in and out of the city should be submitted, including new types of vehicle and more efficient uses of existing transport modes

The jury is looking for ideas that would have a reasonable chance of being implemented in an existing city environment. The jury, which is made up of experts in related fields such as urban development, design and business development, will select a total of 15 winners. These winners will be invited to Sweden to visit innovative hotspots, be matched with relevant stakeholders and potential investors and will join an international network of innovators.

Entries must be submitted by 30 June 2014, preferably in the form of a 60 second video.

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