Sharing Cities project takes off

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In a true spirit of collaboration, around 70 representatives of 30 organisations from six European cities met in Brussels on 20-21 January to launch Sharing Cities, a pioneering project under the EU’s Horizon 2020 Smart Cities and Communities programme.

Over the next five years, three ‘core’ cities (London, Lisbon and Milan) will work together with ‘fellow’ cities Bordeaux, Burgas and Warsaw to identify and implement innovative digitally-enabled solutions and business models, which they expect to eventually be adopted by smart citizens in up to a hundred municipalities worldwide.

The launch event was hosted by EUROCITIES. Our role in the project consortium is to  enable the partners to share best practices, explore how to transfer these best practices into the local context, and help cities to choose the most efficient communications tools.

The Sharing Cities project will aim to boost the European smart city market by demonstrating that thoughtfully designed ICT-based solutions, based on common needs, can be integrated in complex urban environments.

The project draws on €25 million in EU funding, and the participants expect it to trigger up to €500 million in private sector investment and generate hundreds of new jobs.

EUROCITIES staff contact

Bernadett Koteles-Degrendele