Safer lorries for safer cities

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We make suggestions in our statement on the weights and dimensions of lorries which could save lives in cities

The European Commission has proposed to change the weights and dimensions of lorries. We issued a statement in response to the Commission's proposal, in which we suggest a number of additional changes to achieve real safety improvements for vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

Collisions with lorries account for a disproportionately high number of fatalities, especially among cyclists. This is a problem that is concentrated in our cities. We believe that by redesigning lorry cabs with curvy noses, crash boxes and better visibility for drivers, we could save hundreds of lives each year. This would also save fuel through improved aerodynamics.

The Parliament’s transport and tourism committee (TRAN) votes on the proposal this month. We feel that the changes currently suggested by the Parliament are not far-reaching enough, as they do not require safety improvements for all lorries. We call for swift adoption of the new framework allowing for safer and cleaner lorry design, and putting lorry safety at the heart of the new law. We also list key design requirements for life-saving facelifts for cabs.

With more and more cyclists and pedestrians in cities, we believe it is up to city authorities to protect these vulnerable users. 

We co-signed a declaration on ‘Safer, cleaner lorries now!’ prepared by our member city London and supported by 18 organisations. The declaration was launched at an event in Brussels on 29 January 2014. 



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