SMARTSPACES guide to using ICT-enabled energy efficiency services in buildings

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The SMARTSPACES Guide for Replication explains how ICT can be used to improve energy efficiency in non-residential and residential buildings.

Developed over five years, the guide is based on numerous projects including over 35 pilot sites. The content is updated continuously.

Users of the guide can follow the necessary phases or use the guide to gather the viewpoints of individual stakeholders. The ‘setting the scene’ section explains the technical basics and the different concepts in more detail, while ‘phases’ sets out the necessary steps for successful development, implementation and operation. The ‘stakeholders’ chapters provide content to relevant stakeholders and short pages are provided for specific problems.


Checklists and key lessons learnt are highlighted and introduced in context. This includes references to specific projects and pilot sites for which detail including live portals and videos are provided. Comprehensive checklists, glossaries, tools for download, etc. are collected in the technical documentation and in the annex.

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Nikolaos Kontinakis