SEiSMiC is launched in Brussels

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The SEiSMiC (Societal engagement in Science, Mutual learning in Cities) project hosted its international launch in Brussels on 24-25 November.

The event drew some 2,000 visitors to an art installation on the urban dream, and prepared 100 project participants to work on the project's next phase.

The highlight of the event was the ‘Sketch’ installation (pictured), located near Brussels’ Grand Place, in front of the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene. In the style of an enormous crumpled bag scrawled with pencil, the interior canvas walls displayed some 400 sketches – about 40 from each of the 10 participating cities – depicting urban complaints and dreams from citizens and SEiSMiC partners.  

Sketches included public fountains spurting Coca-Cola (Budapest), a ‘hate park’ where citizens can complain about city services (Prague), and pleas for car-free cities and neighbourhoods – an idea proposed by most, if not all, of the participating cities. The project’s artists were on site to help participants get their own ideas down on paper. 

The Sketch event attracted an estimated 1,700 visitors over the weekend, and a smaller but steady stream on the Monday, while the more formal part of the launch event took place on 24-25 November at the nearby Theatre de Vaudeville.

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