SEISMIC workshops kick off cooperation on urban research

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The SEISMIC (Societal Engagement in Science, Mutual Learning in Cities) project on urban research will continue its activities through a series of inaugural workshops taking place this autumn.

The SEiSMiC project is helping tackle Europe's biggest urban problems by engaging citizens, identifying social innovation needs, and contributing to future urban policies and research strategies. It builds diverse networks of urban stakeholders to propose effective, widely agreed solutions. It then engages the public in creative ways, so that research learns from citizens, and citizens learn from research.

This workshop series marks the beginning of cooperation between various organisations and individuals, who will meet regularly over the next two and a half years to put forward ideas, topics and issues that they consider to be instrumental to urban development today. 

Workshops have already taken place in six of the ten countries participating in SEISMIC: Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy, Sweden, Turkey and The Netherlands. The remaining workshops will take place in:

  • Vienna, Austria - 25-26 September
  • Birmingham, UK - 1 October
  • Berlin, Germany - 16 October
  • Brussels, Belgium - 18 October

Participants can expect to benefit from these workshops by gaining inspiration for new ideas and approaches to urban development, by learning from other participants, and by finding support and partners for their own projects. We would particularly encourage city administration officers working on social innovation practices to participate. 

Find out more about SEISMIC here