Predicting & avoiding congestion - OPTICITIES solutions

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Imagine if traffic congestion could be predicted and you could take steps in advance to avoid accidents and CO2 emissions?

Greater Birmingham Authority and Grand Lyon, both part of the OPTICITIES consortium, have been working together on a tool that could do just that. The tool is designed to address the predicted rise in car numbers and daily trips over the next decade, improve air quality and traffic conditions for residents, and preserve architectural heritage. 

Integrated into local intelligent transport solutions (ITS) strategies, this OPTICITIES decision support tool uses historical trends and real time mobility data to simulate future road congestion levels and alert operators to potential traffic bottlenecks. 

The tool can also generate scenarios that demonstrate the effects of various mitigation measures and inform transport operators' decisions. In the longer term, fully automated mitigation strategies could be implemented to reduce journey times and minimise environmental impact. 

Work on the tool has been advancing steadily and it is due to be tested for the first time in Birmingham this October. 

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