Prague becomes 43rd Green Digital Charter signatory

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By signing up to our Green Digital Charter, Prague is committing to using information technology to improve the environment.

Prague has become the latest cities to sign up to our Green Digital Charter, which commits cities to work together in implementing the EU’s priorities and policies in the areas of ICT, energy efficiency, environmental quality and climate protection.

Prague City Council approved the city’s signing of the charter in July this year, and a signature ceremony took place on 25 September at the mayor’s residence.

Speaking of the city’s decision to sign up to the charter, Tomáš Hudeček, mayor of Prague, said:

"Prague must have its own vision of which direction to head in the future while maintaining contact with other major cities in Europe and the world. Cooperation and mutual inspiration are certainly needed in the field of modern technology as well. For Prague, information technology need not only mean inherited problems that need to be dealt with, but also new challenges in how to use technology to serve the environment and save energy. These are the challenges that the other signatories of the Green Digital Charter are dealing with," 

EUROCITIES launched the charter in 2009, and signatories so far include Vienna, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Manchester, Helsinki and Stockholm, to name just a few. Prague City Council approved the city's accession with Resolution No. 1783 of 29 July 2014. By signing the charter, Prague is not only confirming its intention to commit to the goals set out in the charter, but is also strengthening its position on the international scene and demonstrating its willingness to cooperate and share experiences with other cities. 

You can find the Green Digital Charter at the link below. For more information on the charter and its signatories, visit


Pictured: Tomáš Hudeček, mayor of Prague, signs the charter on 25 September. 


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