PROSPECT - Peer-powered cities and regions has been launched!

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The PROSPECT project had its kick off meeting on 5-6 of July in Brussels. A three year project bringing together 10 partners from across Europe, PROSPECT will develop a peer-to-peer learning programme, which will allow more than 180 local authorities, collaborating with their local energy agencies, to discuss and learn from each other on how to better finance the development of energy and climate project for buildings, mobility and lighting and more!

The overall aim of PROSPECT is to enable peer to peer learning in regional and local authorities in order to finance and implement their Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans (SECAP). The learning will empower them to make use of best practices in developing financing for these plans, which have been implemented successfully in other cities and regions in the EU. The specific objectives of PROSPECT are:

  • to develop and execute a complete and easily replicable peer-to-peer learning programme addressing at least 180 local and regional authorities through prominent local and regional associations and agencies. The learning programme will engage and foster collaboration among these public authorities aiming at the development of innovative financing solutions for the implementation of their sustainable energy and climate action plans.
  • to create effective and productive peer-to-peer groups among regional and local authorities and agencies within and outside consortium partners, to ensure the exchange of experience and expertise;
  • to build partnerships that will stimulate mutual understanding of each other’s issues, situations and challenges with the aim of exploring new ideas, options and solutions;
  • to identify and set up proper replication mechanism for the learning programmes available to regions/cities beyond the consortium network and the project’s duration.

EUROCITIES will be responsible for providing regular information on the needs of cities related to investment, but also to retrieve good practice on innovative financing from cities and matching the learning cities with those wishing to share their good practice.

To learn more or express your interest in participating in the activities of the project please contact Anja or Guillermo at:


Anja de Cunto


Guillermo Álvarez