OPTICITIES project starts in Lyon

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The new Optimise Citizen Mobility and Freight Management in Urban Environments (OPTICITIES) project led by Lyon launched on 2 December 2013

OPTICITIES is a three year Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) project which aims to help European cities tackle complex urban mobility challenges through focusing on the optimisation of transport networks, experimentation of innovative intelligent transport system (ITS) services and strong public-private partnerships.

OPTICITIES will deliver significant breakthroughs for six EUROCITIES members: Lyon, Birmingham, Gothenburg, Madrid, Turin and Wroclaw. The project addresses both passenger and freight transport issues through a user-centred approach.

The project kicked-off with a press conference and signing ceremony for all partners including deputy mayor of Lyon and vice president of Greater Lyon Gilles Vesco, Birmingham municipal councillor James McKay and deputy mayor of Torino Claudio Lubatti.

The OPTICITIES consortium composes 25 partners from eight EU member states and includes the experience of six city authorities, the knowledge of major ITS research institutes, information service providers, car industry and the multiplier effect of the most important networks of international public transport operators. Our role is work package leader for dissemination. 

Contact Yannick Bousse at the EUROCITIES secretariat or visit www.opticities.com for further information.