OPTICITIES: opening urban ITS data

  • mobility

The cities involved in OPTICITIES are pooling their mobility data and developing a standard for multimodal urban datasets.

The sustainable urban mobility action cluster, which is part of the Smart Cities and Communities Marketplace, discussed the progress made by the OPTICITIES project in the fields of multimodal data standards and open data at a meeting on 13 February. The Smart Cities and Communities Marketplace was developed as part of the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Smart Cities and Communities. The EIP brings together cities, industry and citizens to improve urban life through more sustainable integrated solutions. 

The OPTICITIES project partners Lyon, Madrid, Birmingham, Turin, Gothenburg and Wroclaw, have pooled their urban mobility data and, in collaboration with researchers and software engineers, are now developing a European standard for their multimodal urban datasets. 

The project partners are aiming to extend the scope of current mobility standards to include real time traffic information, shared cars or bikes, available parking spaces, and more. 

The cities intend to open this data up through standard portals, clearing the way for interoperability. What this translates to is cheaper services and better business models for app developers. 

The consortium's work on the standardisation of multimodal data has been so successful that ISO has launched a normalisation process based on the OPTICITIES proposals.