OPTICITIES: enhancing smart mobility

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Launched in November 2013, OPTICITIES will develop and test urban ITS solutions.

OPTICITIES is a project designed to improve smart mobility. It will develop and test urban ITS (intelligent transport systems) in six different cities to make it easier for people to travel around cities and to simplify urban logistics.

The project began in November 2013 and will run for three years. Over its first year, it will:

  • develop a contractual framework between private and public actors for accessing data

  • develop a standard for an urban multimodal dataset, and improve links between service providers, public authorities and network managers through a dedicated portal

  • create innovative tools and services for traffic managers, travellers and freight operators, such as a ‘multimodal urban navigator’ providing real time information for all transport modes, and traffic prediction tools that can be integrated into traffic and urban freight management systems

  • design dynamic carpooling services based a web 2.0 approach

A stakeholder forum will soon be set up where you can find the latest news and contribute to the OPTICITIES project. 

OPTICITIES recently published its first project newsletter, available here

For more information on the OPTICITIES project, visit the website: www.opticities.com.



EUROCITIES staff contact

Melanie Leroy