OPTICITIES - creating a lasting legacy for urban ITS

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The OPTICITIES project has been developing and testing a wide range of innovative ICT solutions for transport.

OPTICITIES, our major European project on urban intelligent transport systems (ITS), is coming to an end on 31 October.

Over the past three years, EUROCITIES members Birmingham, Gothenburg, Grand Lyon, Madrid, Turin, and Wroclaw have successfully developed and tested a wide range of innovative ICT solutions for passenger and freight transport, with the involvement of leading industrial partners, academia, and networks.

EUROCITIES played an active role in promoting the outcomes of the project, organising capacity-building events and raising awareness in the EU institutions and among stakeholders.

The main achievements of the project include the development of an open ITS system; a multimodal dataset model; new proposals for ITS standards; a common architecture for multimodal travel planners; and a unique interface that allows multimodal apps to connect and synchronise with in-car navigation.

OPTICITIES partner cities have also developed innovative services for one-hour traffic prediction; real-time car pooling; roadworks management and information systems; public transport prioritisation; and urban freight navigators.

The achievements of the OPTICITIES project can be consulted in more detail by joining the stakeholder forum. For a more detailed introduction, we advise you to consult our Transferability Handbook that includes recommendations for urban ITS services, or to watch our selection of OPTICITIES videos.

For more information on OPTICITIES, visit the project website at www.opticities.com