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Nuremberg signs the Integrating Cities Charter - Nuremberg


The city of Nuremberg has become the 35th signatory of the EUROCITIES Integrating Cities Charter.

Ulrich Maly, mayor of Nuremberg (pictured), signed our Integrating Cities Charter in front of Nuremberg's 'commission for integration' on 8 October 2015, following a decision taken by the city council on 29 July 2015. 

“We already comply with most of the commitments of the charter, nevertheless there are a few points on which we could still progress,” said Thomas Müller, who is responsible for the coordination of integration programs for the city.

Nuremberg aims to strengthen the ‘migrant economy’ and would like to empower migrant entrepreneurs to bid for city contracts. “We want a more open competition and to encourage people of all backgrounds to apply,” said Müller. The city also committed itself to increasing the diversity represented within its own administration. 

Our Integrating Cities Charter encompasses the responsibilities and duties of European cities in their roles as policy makers, service providers, employers and buyers of goods and services, to provide equal opportunities for all residents, to integrate migrants, and to embrace the diversity of their populations that is a reality in cities across Europe. Nuremberg is the 35th signatory of the Integrating Cities Charter, which was launched in February 2010 at the Integrating Cities IV conference and signed by 17 European mayors.