NiCE study tour to Murcia

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Our NiCE project on ICT for energy efficiency hosts its third study tour in Murcia at the beginning of May

The third study tour under our NiCE (Networking intelligent Cities for Energy Efficiency) project on ICT for energy efficiency takes place in Murcia on 5-6 May 2014. NiCE supports cities in the implementation of our Green Digital Charter (GDC), through which cities commit to improving energy efficiency through the uptake of smart ICTs, and at the same time minimising the carbon footprint of existing ICT infrastructure. 

For the study tour, visitors from GDC signatory cities will explore the green ICT projects Murcia is implementing to fulfil its GDC commitments. Participants will learn from the host city through presentations, site visits and peer to peer discussions.

Study tours are part of the second area of action within the NiCE project: exchange and learning activities. They are knowledge transfer schemes that allow site visitors to interact with local stakeholders and see how projects are implemented in reality. NiCE has developed a study tour catalogue with information for hosts and visitors, available here

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