New videos on migrant integration in cities


Our ImpleMentoring project has produced five videos on how cities are fostering migrant integration

These five short films were produced under our ImpleMentoring project, which supports migrant integration in cities. The videos illustrate the Implementoring project concept and demostrate the added-value of city-to-city support in the field of migrant integration. The videos were filmed during the ImpleMentoring visits to Genoa, Milan, Rotterdam, Riga and Copenhagen. 

The ImpleMentoring project explained:


Mentor Dublin visits Rotterdam to focus on enhancing participation in diverse neighbourhoods:

On a visit to Riga, Genoa focuses on enhancing the public perception of diversity:

Manchester visits Copenhagen to explore how to reflect the city's diversity in administration and service provision:

Finally, in Genoa and Milan mentor cities Athens and Oslo contribute to discussions on promoting the participation of migrants in local democracy:

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