New posters on integrated services at local level


As part of our work on social investment in cities we have created ten best practice posters on integrated social service delivery from throughout Europe.

The posters contain a brief introduction to the different good practice examples that are in our ‘Integrated Services at Local Level' publication. 

The ten posters contain the following best practices.

On cities investing in the integration of migrants:

  • Barcelona: A City for All   
  • Gothenburg: Welcome to Sweden 

On cities putting young people first:       

  • Belfast: Mentoring its young people
  • Oulu: Creating a one-stop-shop for young people

On integrated childcare for an integrated society

  • Nantes: Investing in children and their families    

On accessible cities for all   

  • Ljubljana: Improving accessibility for people with disabilities     

On inclusive labour markets for inclusive cities    

  • Newcastle: Tackling unemployment at local level  

On cities combatting homelessness at local level  

  • Birmingham: The Youth Hub         
  • Riga: The Shelter Project
  • Rotterdam: The integrated chain approach