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New European initiatives on employment


With 24 million Europeans unemployed, among which five million are under the age of 25, unemployment is still a major concern in Europe. To tackle this challenge, the European Commission launched two initiatives to fight against long-term unemployment and youth unemployment.

The Commission recently launched a consultation seeking input from stakeholders on how to improve service provision for long term unemployed people, in order to reduce the length of time that people are unemployed. The Commission is particularly interested in public authorities’ opinions on the integration of services, tailored individual support, and incentives for employers to hire long term unemployed people. We will prepare a contribution based on the experiences and exchanges within our social affairs forum members.
The second initiative is on youth unemployment. With seven million young Europeans unemployed, the EU faces a worrying situation. The Commission is proposing to increase pre-financing of the Youth Employment Initiative by €1 billion. This is not designed to increase the overall budget of the Youth Employment Initiative, but to make more financial resources immediately available to help the 650,000 young unemployed people in Europe.
We are continuing to push for greater involvement from local authorities in the implementation of the Youth Employment Initiative, as cities are best placed to identify local needs, challenges and solutions. The Parliament and Council are expected to adopt the proposal soon.

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Silvia Ganzerla