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Ministers adopt a Declaration on Governance of Transport at the ITF Summit

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Gathered at the occasion to the 3-day summit of the International Transport Forum in Leipzig, Ministers of countries members of ITF have adopted a Declaration on Governance of Transport which takes into account 2 majors agreements: the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals calling for significant changes to transport systems and technologies and was published the day after the EU package "Europe on the Move" in which the European Commission takes action for clean, competitive and connected mobility.

With more than 1,300 participants - among which 39 ministers in charge of transport - the ITF summit 2017 presented participants with a wide-range of activities, from on-site visits, to presentations, open coffee exchange and networking moments structured around more than 80 sessions. 

Among the many topics covered: governance of corridors and gateways examples; discussion on the role of local authorities in the regulation of new business models in transport with MEP Michael Cramer; key role of cities in governance of transport with Burkhard Jung, Mayor of Leipzig and Secretary of EUROCITIES, and breakfast brainstorming session on safety and security in transport to prepare the ITF summit 2018. 

Sessions summaries, videos and presentations available on the itf website:

The Ministers Declaration on Governance, covered the topic of inclusive urban access for better mobility, for which Ministers more specifically:

  • Recognise that effective governance frameworks should address demographic trends, changing lifestyles, and personal mobility preferences, since they are important drivers of change that redefine the urban mobility landscape;
  • Strenghten institutional, legislative, and regulatory measures to address challenges related to jurisdictional competition and coordination, new mobility options and evolving travel patterns;
  • Encourage effective cooperation among all levels of authority to ensure that transport systems in urban areas provide inclusive access to services and sustainable mobility solutions for the rapidly expanding populations in urban areas;
  • Advise all relevant authorities to intensify efforts to effectively coordinate transport and mobility, land use, and fiscal policies in order to sustain economic vitality and ensure environmental and social protection

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