Manifesto for the regeneration of European cities


The EU Cities reloading forum, which took place on the 7-8 November in Milan highlighted the necessity to act at the European level for the regeneration of cities.

The forum, which was organised by the Italian Chamber of Architects, the Architects’ Council of Europe and the European Forum for Architectural Policies,  brought together European political leaders, mayors, legal experts, bankers, architects and urban planners, to discuss new urban paradigms to foster sustainable and inclusive cities.
The three organisers signed a manifesto issued by the Italian Chamber of Architects calling on the European institutions to take action for the regeneration of European cities. The manifesto states that the regeneration of cities requires integrated urban policies, the fostering of social inclusion, environment protection, energy savings, quality housing and smart mobility. It asks that the European institutions implement such policies and to promote them to national governments. Particular attention should be given to marginalised communities, especially in slum areas and peripheries of big cities when implementing urban regeneration policies, to avoid their exclusion.
The organisations also called for more effective European and national investment in cities to foster urban regeneration. In particular they called for an easing of the restrictions imposed by the stability and growth pact to ensure public investments in urban regeneration, and for the use of the European Structural and Investment Funds for construction and design projects in cities.