Lublin citizens panel - three proposals on migration

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As part of our citizens panels initiative, Lublin (Poland) organised a consultation on migration policy, which gave citizens the opportunity to hear from and debate directly with the European Commission and other experts, as well as to put forward possible solutions.

The objective of the citizens panel on migration policies in Europe was to provide residents of Lublin with knowledge and facts on migration and European policies concerning the topic as well as discuss and work together on recommendations for the future. The group of residents was carefully selected in order to represent the diversity of the population of Lublin. The translation to Polish sign language was provided as well.

Organised as part of the EUROCITIES citizens panels initiative, the event featured four speakers:

          -          Bartłomiej Balcerzyk, European Commission Representation in Poland

          -          Aleksandra Olejnik, EUROCITIES Policy Advisor

          -          Wiktoria Herun, Senior Specialist at Strategy and Investors Relations Office of the Municipality of Lublin

          -          Tomasz Sieniow, President of the Rule of Law Foundation

          -          Assef Salloom, owner of the “Mały Kopernik” Educational Centre in Lublin

The event was divided into two parts: educational and workshop discussion in groups, after which all panellists gathered together to choose their final three recommendations.

The end result of the entire day of work and discussions were three recommendations:

     1.    Educational activities among children and adult citizens of Europe as well as migrants in order to build consciousness on migration

     2.   Sealing the external borders of the European Union and increasing the efficacy of identity verification of persons entering the European Union in order to provide safety for residents of the European Union

     3.   Support of the European Union towards member states in order to provide complex, free of charge language lessons, social integration, finding a job and apartment among residents of a city (without creating ‘ghettos’) as well as free of charge and easily accessible legal services on local and regional level.

You can now vote on your favourite proposal following this link