Launch of the GuiDanCe project

  • knowledge society

The new GuiDanCe project will help us support and guide the signatories of our Green Digital Charter (GDC).

A total of 45 GDC signatories will participated in the Horizon-2020 funded GuiDanCe project, led by EUROCITIES. The project follows the FP7-funded Networking intelligent Cities for Energy Efficiency (NiCE) project. By facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas, training activities and visibility events, GuiDanCe will help cities achieve their ICT for energy efficiency goals. 

The Green Digital Charter is a EUROCITIES-led initiative promoting the use of ICT solutions to reduce cities' emissions and help green cities' ICT equipment. 

GuiDanCe has three main objectives:

  • to strengthen the engagement of GDC signatories to create a club of cities working together towards their GDC commitments
  • to improve existing GDC tools and services and strengthen their impact on signatory cities 
  • to promote GDC signatory cities' activities inside and outside the EU

The project began in March and will run for three years. 

EUROCITIES staff contact

Nikolaos Kontinakis