Investing in an inclusive society


New report outlines key findings of our Cities for Active Inclusion partnership

Our new report, ‘Cities for Active inclusion: investing in an inclusive society’, is the culmination of the five-year Cities for Active Inclusion (CfAI) partnership. The report distils the key findings of the research carried out within this framework and identifies the main factors behind successful active inclusion initiatives at the local level, and the main challenges.

The results leave little doubt that frontline municipalities can take the lead in supporting and empowering people to become participating members of society. The report also demonstrates that cities approach active inclusion in a comprehensive way, focusing on social innovation, education and lifelong learning and addressing health issues, as well as a broad approach to prevention and early intervention.

The report offers recommendations for the successful implementation of the EU’s recently adopted Social Investment Package (SIP). It invites the EU and national authorities to:

  • maintain a strong focus on active inclusion in the key EU processes, including National Reform Programmes and Country Specific Recommendations
  • promote activities at all levels of governance to raise awareness, build capacity and provide mutual learning opportunities on the successful implementation of active inclusion
  • ring fence funds for active inclusion in all relevant EU funding programmes, ensuring they are accessible to city authorities
  • broaden and mainstream the principles of active inclusion into all SIP measures
  • involve city governments as partners in the preparation, implementation and assessment of active inclusion policies

The report, together with a selection of good practices from CfAI partners, will be presented during the partnership’s final conference on 25 September 2013 in Brussels. The event will bring together both politicians and practitioners from EU institutions and city authorities to discuss cities’ future engagement in implementing EU social policy and the Social Investment Package.