International Urban Cooperation (IUC) city-to-city programme on sustainable urban development

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The new International Urban Cooperation (IUC) city-to-city cooperation programme on sustainable urban development will give European cities the opportunity to pair with cities from Latin America, the Caribbean, India, Japan and North America.

Pairing will be organised between cities that face similar challenges, or share key characteristics and development goals. Once cities have been paired they will work together to select a topic, which can be related to any area of sustainable urban development. European cities with a population of over 50,000 are eligible for the programme, which has an initial period of 18 months, and aims at the development of a pilot project within a period of three years. The programme will foster lasting intercontinental relationships between cities, truly global knowledge-sharing networks.
These pairings will be outcome oriented, resulting in concrete action plans. Direct funding will be offered for costs such as travel and accommodation, as well as support in identifying innovative models for financing projects through cooperation with private sector actors, financial institutions or community organisations. There will be assistance in the organisation of study tours, staff exchanges, training and seminars, and access to a purpose-built online knowledge-sharing platform. Uniting expert voices and visions across the globe, this programme will find strength in difference to tackle sustainable urban development goals.
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