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In dialogue about urban transformation

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A new series of six good practice case studies shows how cities are adapting to the challenges of growth and socio-demographic change.

Developed by our working groups integrated urban development and housing, the 'In dialogue about urban transformation' series demostrates how cities are achieving sustainable development by focusing on densification, energy efficiency and socially-balanced solutions. 

The examples featured come from Dresden, Munich, Stockholm, Utrecht, Vienna and Zurich. Each example offers guidance and inspiration for other cities to improve dialogue and participation in planning and development. 

Examples of how public participation can work include joint 'walking diagnoses' by planners and stakeholder groups in key areas for innovative planning; local support groups; mobile communications pavilions; internet and social media; establishing a common brand for multiple important developments in the city; and setting up an office in the local area for dialogue with citizens on the transformation. 

You can find the publication at the link below. 


Sylvia PintaritsEuropean Affairs Officer for Urban Planning

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